Cerama-Shield Performance

9 important Performance Characteristics of Cerama-Shield:

Alkalinity Resistance Alkali is a substance mostly found in concrete, stucco and block. It causes a reaction with paint binders that results in the deterioration of the paint film. Cerama-Shield is designed to resist the attack of alkali.
Flexibility Cerama-Shield can stretch and flex 150% without cracking or losing adhesion when your structure shifts or settles.
"Breathability" Cerama-Shield allows water vapor to pass through at a rate of 21 perms, the highest in the industry.
Durability Our superior durability serves two main purposes, protection of your substrate and maintenance of the aesthetically pleasing apperance of your home or building for years to come.
"Washability" Normal cleaning, which will harm and eventually wear down regular paint, will not harm Cerama-Shield.
Adhesion Cerama-Shield actually bonds with and becomes a part of the surface. Regular paint, on the other hand, simply masks the surface with color
Hardness Resins added to our coating promote the cross-linking of the binders which result in superior hardness. Wallcoat homes literally have a protective shell around them.
Water Resistance Cerama-Shield prevents water penetration and is even warranted against wind driven rain.
Reflectivity Cerama-Shield reflects light, keeps your home cooler and helps reduce fading.