Features and Benefits

Here are just a few of the features and benefits of Wallcoat:



Engineered to prevent cracking, peeling, chipping and oxidizing. Longer lasting than conventional paint allowing for 15 year product and labor warranty.
150% Elongation (stretchability) with 100% memory. Covers cracking and is able to shift with the substrate as it expands and contracts.
Waterproofs by preventing wind driven rain from penetrating the walls of your structure. Will preserve the integrity of the wall system and help prevent mold and mildew.
Contains white, semi-transparent, microscopic zeeospheres manufactured by 3M. Requires less tint to be used to reach desired color resulting in exceptional flow rate and greater reflective properties.
Manufactured in Orlando, Florida under the strictest standards in the industry. LANCO & HARRIS provides factory-direct product support, an in-house laboratory, and production capability of over 20,000 gallons per day.
Contains the highest solid content by volume in the industry. Solids are the part of the coating that remains on the home or building after the drying process
Tremendous abrasion and impact resistance leading to a longer life cycle. As easy to clean and maintain as washing your car.
A water-based, 100% organic product with a lower V.O.C rating than most paints. An environmentally GREEN product safe for use around the world.
One of the highest known amounts of Titanium Dioxide by volume in the industry. Resists premature fading, adds thermal protection by blocking harmful U.V. rays, protects the surface, and extends the life of the coating.
High humidity and salt spray resistance Wallcoat is the best alternative for the harsh conditions affecting coastal communities
Wallcoat's Cerama-Shield dries thicker than a business card at 12+ mils dft (2 coats). A thicker coating will help protect the substrate from degradation and mold.
A tested "perm" rate (breathability) of 21 perms. Allows your home or building to properly breathe by allowing vapor transmission.
Acid rain and alkalinity resistance. Prevents decay and rotting, while helping the coating to maintain color and sheen.