Wallcoat Application Guide

Simply stated, the most diligent and complete preparation and application standards in the industry. Our motto, "Reputation through Repetition."

A typical Wallcoat project is 3 or 4 guys for 9 days. A typical paint job is 3 or 4 guys for 4 days. What's the difference? Well for starters, we warranty our work and, as we have all come to learn, the preparation of a home is just as important as the painting. It always surprises customers to learn that our application process is essentially the same as the traditional painter! Why are we at our homes so much longer? The answer is that we have taken painting preparation and application standards to new heights.

All Wallcoat projects are performed in strict compliance with the Master Painters Institute (MPI) guidelines which are found in the MPI Maintenance Repainting Manual. The MPI manual is designed to promote quality assurance, both in product and workmanship, and its standards are the highest in the industry.

Why are our standards so strict?
Because we stand by our product and labor warranty. If something goes wrong, guess who is out at your home working for free? That’s why we do everyhing we can to get it right the first time!

Step 1: Exterior Assessment
Our application experts will ascertain and evaluate the “defects” and/or “failures” effecting your current substrate. This step is integral to identifying the appropriate course of action with regard to any repairs that may be required and surface preparation.

The existing surface condition of your home or building will determine the degree and method of surface preparation required.

Our customers are encouraged to be present for this initial analysis so that the application process and the terms of the contract can be reviewed prior to commencement of work to ensure that there will not be any misunderstandings.

Step 2: Pressure Wash
Our applicators will dig a 3-6 inch trench (wherever possible) around all areas where Cerama-Shield will be applied at soil level. This will give added protection to the vulnerable lowest level of your home or building.

Wherever possible, downspouts, fixtures, house numbers, shutters and the like will be removed from the structure to enable the areas behind these items to be washed, prepared and coated.

The building will then be treated with TSP (industrial soap), an anti-fungal/ mold inhibitor solution, and then will be pressure washed with the appropriate pressure.

Step 3: Sanding and scraping
Wallcoat will remove all failing paint at your project. Of course, any coating or paint is only as good as the underlying surface it is applied to- that's why our sanding is so extensive! Secondarily, sanding and scraping serves to achieve an aesthetically pleasing "feathered edge."

Step 4: Caulking
Our caulking is an integral step in the waterproofing of your home or building and one of the major differences between Wallcoat and traditional painting. Our applicators will caulk around all windows, doors and trim effectively eliminating the ever present gaps and seams at the transition points of our homes. This caulk is then covered by our coating making our waterproofing complete without the loss of any aesthetics.

Step 5: Masking and Taping
Our crews diligently and meticulously mask and tape wherever necessary to ensure that 1. We will not leave any overspray and, 2. Our applicators leave your home with sharp, neat lines around all doors, windows and trim.

Step 6: Moisture Testing
A sufficient period of time must be allowed following the pressure washing of your home or building for it to dry.

Thereafter, prior to the application of any primer or coating, the actual moisture content of the surface of your home will be analyzed to ensure proper conditions for product application.

Step 7: TiO2 Basecoat/ Primer
Wallcoat applies 3 coats to your home or building. The first application is a sealer/primer which will ensure an appropriate base for our coating.

Step 8: Cerama-Shield
We will apply 2 full coats of Cerama-Shield to your home or building. Each coat is applied at 12-14 mils wet film thickness and dries at 6-7 mils. Importantly, our first coat of Cerama-Shield is BOTH sprayed on and back-rolled to ensure proper protection for your home. Upon the completion of our system, we will have attained a dry film thickness of 12-14 mils.

Step 9: Inspection
At the conclusion of your project, you will be invited to inspect the job with a Wallcoat representative. This ensures your 100% satisfaction before we leave your home.