Norbert and Carol Lippert

Happy Homeowners

Dear Wallcoat:

On January 6th, we contracted with Wallcoat to have our home protected with Cerama-Shield coating.

Over the past several months we have looked into painting the exterior of our home using several different coatings. First, having the home painted using a good grade paint –problem- there were no guarantees that the paint would last more than 3 to 4 years nor would the installer be around to answer if cracks or problems arose. We then contacted an installer of Liquid Vinyl whose product was better than paint, but the coating was thin and we did not feel it would hold up over the long haul.

After the hurricanes we noticed several new cracks in the stucco and the existing paint had started to fade. We have a large investment in our home and decided to look for a product that would give us the best possible value for our money.

Wallcoat offered a ceramic product with a lifetime guarantee and the protection from the wind-driven rain, mold, heat and cracking we were looking for- and the fact we would not have to re-paint every three to five years.

On February 1st, the crew from Wallcoat started to work on the home. The crew worked as a professional team, caulked all seams and cracks, coated the cracks with a flexible sealer, taped off the exposed surfaces, applied two coats of the product and cleaned the area of all debris.

The home has a bright clean sheen and looks great. The cost may have been more expensive than the other processes, but we believe "you get what you pay for." Wallcoat has a great reputation and we would recommend Wallcoat to our friends and neighbors.

Norbert and Carol Lippert