Rodney D. Hugelman

Happy Homeowner

July 14, 2005

Dear Sirs:

The Wallcoat treatment on our home is all that we expected. Our principal purpose was to reduce vulnerability to Florida’s Hurricanes. As a recent home built to the latest standards it would seem enough. However, that is not the case. There are the problems of wind damage, power outages, and particularly the long term effects of wind driven rain intrusion.

This home is now equipped with a fully automatic stand-by generator system and automatic hurricane shutters. With Wallcoat, the final addition is in place-a beautiful finish to our home.

All of the crew were courteous, hard working, and obviously skilled in their craft. The results bare testimony under the most critical inspection.

Wallcoat itself is a beautiful finish with the product and process a perfect solution to the Florida environment. I was particularly impressed with the extent to which every minor hair-line crack, seam, and junction was prepared and caulked before beginning. Truly, the exterior is sheathed in a single seamless protective coating.

I would highly recommend Wallcoat to anyone. Stop by and have a look for yourself.


Rodney D. Hugelman, PhD, PE