Harold and Liz Heidegger

Happy Homeowners

March 2, 2005

Dear Sir,

We are really impressed with Wallcoat. The process of caulking around every door and window and filling in the spaces of our home before the actual Wallcoat was applied makes our home look new. We were so impressed with the workers’ neatness and attention to details. They were polite and very knowledgeable about what they were doing. They did not waste one minute.

This is the first company we have worked with in Florida that actually showed up the day they said they were coming. In four days, everything was completed, cleaned, swept and presentable. The outside finish of our home is beautiful. Now to the test of no more cracks, no more mold/mildew, lower heat/air conditioning bills, no more chalky residue on the walls, not much work maintaining the outside of our home. We are very pleased with Wallcoat!


Harold and Liz Heidegger